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ABCwaters is proud to announce that we will now be known as 602abcWATER® effective 2019.  602abcWATER® has always been the parent company of ABCwaters and the only authorized retailer of our brand line of quality products.  


602abcWATER® (ABCwaters) product line is sold on a wide range of online marketplaces such as 602abcwater.com, Amazon.com, and eBay.com to name a few.  Only authentic ABCwaters branded products are sold by the retailer and U.S. Trademark name ‘602abcWATER®’.  Please note: If you have purchased from the online marketplace such as Amazon.com, and your invoice does not say “sold by 602abcWATER®”, the item is not an authentic ABCwaters assembled product and void of our special warranty.


We specialize in residential water filtration and water softener equipment.  Our products are only assembled with the highest quality materials and supported only by certified installation technicians experienced with residential water filtration and water softener equipment.